I am a freelance Photographer doing business mainly in Singapore.

Love taking photograph of people since i was in school fortunately went to

a school with a Photographic Club as a CCA option. After leaving school joined the community club photo club. Had many opportunity to mix with people of the sameĀ  mindset and interest. We had our many weekly outings and opportunity to shoot various theme I had fun learning.

Back to the present, still with my hobby still mostly shooting people from new born to the senior generation. Animals and things are a welcome change too.

There are many ways for you to remember events and happening in your life unfortunately we have so many things to do and will soon forget the event that is so precious to us. Why not we get some insurance coverage to safeguard our memory. You can also capture the happening using your hand phone or you can get help from me, I will be glad to help you capture the best moment of your event that tell a story not in your face but in the background not disturbing your enjoyment.